Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a 501(c)(3)?
Yes. SPBF is a 501(c)(3).

What are the typical types of organizations appeal to SPBF?
Our guiding principles in determining grant recipients are:

  • 'This sounds like Pope' - Pope Babcock was a considerate person who enjoyed travel, surfing, the outdoors, and spending summers on Long Island. He grew up in New York City, attended Woodberry Forest Academy and Duke University. Pope believed in citizenship, fairness and enjoyed sports of all kinds. Of course, it is impossible to capture Pope's life in a few sentences, but these are some guidelines.
  • 'If an Advisor feels a connection' - Pope's Foundation has 12 advisors who are Pope's friends and loved ones and whose responsibility it is to find worthy grant recipients. The Babcock family assembled these advisors in order to maintain a connection to Pope directly. In a sense, these Advisors 'are Pope' and, as such, represent the kinds of things Pope might be interested in if he were still with us today. If an Advisor finds an organization that does not fit neatly into a bucket described above, but has a connection to the organization in some meaningful way, the organization will typically be introduced to SPBF for grant consideration.
  • Typical categories: Conservation and stewardship, Medical and Health, Youth and Character Development, Education, and Poverty Relief and Self Sufficiency.
  • Typical Geographies: Long Island, New York City, North Carolina
  • When do you usually make donations?
    Grants are typically made in the 4th quarter of the calendar year - usually in November or December, after the SPBF annual meeting, which usually occurs in September or October. However, mid-year grants can be made under special circumstances and 'Advisor Grants' ($1,000 grants made at the discretion of SPBF Advisors that do not require board approval) are made all year long.

    Do you make grants to charities outside of US?
    We do. We prefer to give through a US-based 501(c)(3) conduit, but we have made several direct donations abroad. We stress accountability and open communication. If a personal relationship can be established with an SPBF Board Member or Advisor to help monitor use of proceeds and progress, the chances for an international grant are much higher.

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